FS-R6B receiver to pixhawk

We are building a drone for project work and we got stuck with the receiver.The problem is that we have bought A Flysky FS-R6B reciever and we tried to connect it with Pixhawk but receiver has only 7 ports(6 channels + 1BAT).There is no PPM out port so that we can connect it to RCin port in Pixhawk.

We did some research and thought of using PPM encoder so that signal from all 6 channels can be encoded to one but in receiver description it is written that receiver gives PPM as output and in decription of PPM encoder it is given that it converts different channel PWM output to a single PPM-Sum.

We are not getting any resource to resolve it .

Any help will be appreciated.

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I can’t find information that the FS-R6B supports PPM…
If it supports PPM, it is usually transmitted on Channel 1 and has to be enabled at the RC.

But to me it looks like the receiver doesn’t support PPM:

Of course you could use an encoder, but I think buying a different receiver would cost approximately the same…

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I’m in the same situation. Could you connect FS R6B to Pixahawk using a PPM encoder? I did try doing it, although unsuccessfully. Thank you for your help.

If I’m correct, the PPM Signal is on the “BAT” Port further away from the edge. I’m about to make a project with it and the ESP32 so I’ll update If it works or not :slight_smile: