FrontWheel control in HIL simulation

Hey all,

I am doing HIL simulation with X-Plane, and I was wondering if there is a way that I can control the frontwheel in APM, and i t shows up in X-Plane. For example, I don’t have a rudder on my plane. so I connect the frontwheel to the rudder channel and then can control it form my RC.

So is there a way in X-Plane to tell that the frontwheel is actually the controlled rudder?


Hi Mzahaha,
I don’t know how you tell x-plane which channel is the nose wheel. You may need to ask on the x-plane forums.
On the APM side of things you can either make it channel 4, or use the RCn_FUNCTION for channel 5 to 8 to setup a different channel to have the rudder signal (set it to 21 to make it a rudder/steering signal).
Good luck with it!
Cheers, Tridge

Thanks Tridgell. I will just do a practical test for that.

I have a question though. So the new release 2.76 can actually steer the plane during takeoff such that it doesn’t go off course. In this case I can just connect the front wheel to the rudder channel, right?

Thanks again.