Fresh Build, New to Ardu. Flipped hard on landing on 3rd flight

New build, new to ardu, been buildings lots of smaller drones using other firmwares to great success. Built my first bigger drone. 690 tarot with 5212 navi motors on 1604 props. matek 765 wing with a APD pdb and hobbywing 50amp escs. Did test hovers, great. Did a few test runs in stabilize and worked great. Took off and landed twice. Did one more flight, let it sit in alt hold, tried out loiter, all worked decent. Just some minor throttle adjustments. Went to land, very casually like prior, drone completely flipped out after it was level and touched down, before I could disarm and did a total flip into to props sending them into pieces. Disarmed fine right after. Props are not cheap on this, so I want to make sure this isn’t a instant repeat. Going to go back through all tuning params and initial setup. However, I am wondering if this a barometer issue. I have the 765 mounted kinda to the side of the center hole on the Tarot main plate. Could it be ground effect prop wash? Should I foam this baro or cover it some how? Should i just put in a better baro like the ms5611 in a little wind proof housing? I am almost certain all my base setup is solid. Went over it many times and it actually flew very well even with some decent winds today. Loiter was very solid.

Welcome. Always when having flight issues you should post your log .bin file, without this no one can help.

Since you can not upload log file directly to the server you need to upload your files to a service like Dropbox or Google drive and post the link in your thread.