framesSincePredict in EKF3 is of no use, why does it still exist? [SOLVED]

In EKF3, framesSincePredict in NavEKF3_core::readIMUData(), only exits in the following two lines:

// Keep track of the number of IMU frames since the last state prediction

// reset the counter used to let the frontend know how many frames have elapsed since we started a new update cycle
framesSincePredict = 0;

Beyond that two lines, no code has used it, so the questions is why it is still exits? It seems that it does not have any actual use.

p.s.: I know in EKF2, it is used as counter to down sample.


Well, I have seen that :

// report the number of frames lapsed since the last state prediction
// this is used by other instances to level load
uint8_t NavEKF3_core::getFramesSincePredict(void) const
    return framesSincePredict;

So it is still useful.