Frame type explanation

hello all,

can someone explain me difference between:

  • Y6B and Y6F
  • Quad X, Quad V
  • BetaFlightX
  • DJIX
  • ClockwiseX
  • I

all from :

can’t find by simply google

Here is a simple Google Search. “arducopter motor order”. BetaFlight is obvious “betaflight Motor order”


how about Quad V and Octaquad V. which are the difference compared to standard Quad X and Octaquad X?

Google search “arducopter motor order”, select the 1st link and look at the frame illustrations.

Sorry, I must be blind, but the question persist.

Yes the frame arms are not 90 degrees but how this impact the flight and chan I change “angle” in parameters?

Perhaps the mix is slightly different and no there is no parameter for the angle. I have used Quad X and Quad V both on a deadcat style quad frame and it made little to no difference. Use X.

Thanks, all clear now