FRAME diffrences

Hello Everyone,
wonder What is the difference between frames OCTA-QUAD V and OCTA-QUAD X.
Is there is different stabilisation, EKF algorithms or it’s just semantics?

Anyone have some experience ?

The motor mixers are slightly different to account for the different spacing of rear motors as in the diagrams.

OK maybe I should clarify my question . How big those differences are - in many X frames- axes are not 90deg. between arms . Sometimes is >< or V/\ . How to dermine that frame should be OCTO X or OCTO V is better fits. Maybe OCTO V was created for different angle beetween two front and separetly two rear arms ?

The angle between the arms does not really matter, it matters if the motors are on some rectangle (X or H) or a trapezoid (V). Realistically I doubt that you would notice the difference in mixer unless you had a quite tight tune.

This is the X mixer

and this is the V

The only difference is the change from 1 to 0.78981 for the front motors scaling, this is because the front motors are assumed to be further from the CG than the rears.

Thank You very much for clarification.
Have a nice day.