Frame configuration problem with hex ver 3.5.7

I loaded version 3.5.7 into a pixhawk mounted on a hex frame. When using the wizard to configure it as a hex, only quads show up in step 4. I cannot select hex. If I try to do it manually I have the same problem. Only quads show up to click on.

Stop using wizards and other toy features. Set frame_type and orientation using full parameter list, preferably in APMPLANNER2, no GUI smartness that fails there.

So I have been using mission planner. I did change the frame type and frame class in the full parameter list and uploaded them. But in the configuration page, I am unable to select hexacopter because the selection is greyed out. Then If I go to the compass and accelleramoter pages the calibration button is also greyed [not selectable] out. I had previously calibrated everything, but after updating the firmware, I thought I had to do it again. I appreciate your quick response.


I just loaded APMPLANNER2 and on the frame config. page I was unable to select a frame type. So maybe the firmware download is currupt. I tried to load an earlier version but was unsuccessful.