Frame ardupilot

How can I change the co-ordinate frame of UAV to LOCAL NED in SITL with MAVProxy?


Could you be more specific about what you are trying to achieve?

You just need to use LOCAL_POSITION_NED mavlink messages. The UAV already uses NED coordinates internaly

Hi, thanks for the response @Mustafa_Gokce and @amilcarlucas, when I am flying in real world, and give linear velocity in the Y direction, the UAV starts moving straight (the direction in which the UAV’s head is pointing to)

I want the UAV to move ahead (the direction in which the UAV’s head is pointing to) when I give velocity In the +X direction


That is just not the way it works. The way it works is that forward is +Y and right is +X.

I cannot change it? my planner gives the trajectory in such a manner (+x front, +y right). That’s why I am looking for a solution

Rewrite your planner

NED coordinates are an international standard.

Okay thanks, I’ll look into it

It’s NED as @amilcarlucas said. One reference:
Guided mode commands

Hi, @amilcarlucas this suggests +X is forward or North. I am confused can you please explain me this?

It is explained in here.
I also suggest you test in SITL.

Hi, thanks for the response, it appears that, when I use mavproxy to send the message it moves north for X but when I use mavros it moves in East for X because of Mavros conversion (NED to ENU) ( I am guessing)

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Hi @Mustafa_Gokce, but I still don’t understand why @amilcarlucas said this Frame ardupilot - #5 by amilcarlucas statement referring to NED


Ignore my comment. Just test it in SITL

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@amilcarlucas this Frame ardupilot - #13 by shubham-shahh is my conclusion in SITL