FR SKY receivers and PPM

I have an APM 2 that I want to drop into a hex frame that is lying around for perhaps some short lived missions if it all goes Pete Tong. Its out over water to nests.

Anyhow, I have jumped the pins on the APM … -receiver/

Am now remembering that the channels are all out of kilter on MP when trying to set up. What is the current best practice for assigning the correct channels? I can’t find what I used before.

I should have added its a D4R II receiver and its had its pins jumped for PPM as well and is bound. In fact MP sees it fine. Just the channel numbers are out.

Humm OK not so simple, … 1#comments

You also need to add the mode of your MODE 1 Tx and using which channel sequence?

If you are using an OpenTX based Transceiver it releatively easy to reorder the channel outputs to the AETR default PPM stream. In the latest firmware Randy has added support to remap the RC channels. BUT I would advise that if you do that, make the PPM solder jumper on the bottom and bypass the PPM encoder, as it’s default failsafe behaviours on signal loss puts CH3 to 900us and the CH1,CH2,CH4,CH5 to 1500us which if CH1 is throttle is not going to be a good outcome.

see … _the_board

Thanks Bill, I shall explore this now. I’m using a standard old JR TX PCM 9XII with FR Sky modules. What was the reasoning for not allowing folks to reassign the channel options in MP? I might yet just use the old way for this one as I’m not sure I trust myself with the work arounds.