FPV with realtime sound

Hi All.
I am new in here.
I am ready to buy some equipmpent for my project. When I started flying my Bixler2 few ago I bought APM 2.5 autopilot systém with uBlox GPS, power module, airspeed sensor and 433Mhz telemetry radio kit.
I did not use it yet. Now it is time to use it.
I am here in minimOSD section becauase:
My goal is to make systém which should be:
FPV with OSD [flydata visible on screen] with real time sound.
I want to use some diversity 5.8G video/autio FPV systém with anténa tracking.

Main Question: Will I be able to reach this useing APM 2.5 and minimOSD ?

As I read lot on few forums I have found, that “OSD” is very important component. And it is someway related to capability of sound transmitting. I did not find any more details about it.
So I know I will need OSD, and I prefere minimOSD as it is designated for APM.
I am worrying if minimOSD is capable provide me what I need.
I am not really sure, but as I understood some discusions, it seems to be important to be able trasmitt stereo audio from plane to ground station. I do not know why, or how. I read that audio link is used to transmit data to groundstation to see data on screen, and to provide data for antenatracker.
As I really need [ok want] to get realtime soud as well stereoaudio is solution. One audio channel for data, and other audio chanel for mono sound from my FPV camera-microphone.

I am very very sorry for my poor English. I am not able to explane all exactly. Hope it is clear enough. If not, please focus on my goal: FPV w sound, w OSD, w antennatracker. Back to question: Should I buy minimOSD ? Will it be usefull for my project? If not, what is the way ?

Thank You for any helpful replay. Please try to use very simple English.

From what I understand sir, your main concern is if sound transmission is needed to have OSD downlink, right?

If that’s your qn, then you dont need the stereo to work the MinimOSD. If I am not wrong what people have been telling you about is that they use a variometer (tells them their vertical speed using sound beeps) to let them know if they are risinng of falling. And they use a FPV system capable of carrying audio data.

The MinimOSD will have an option to display the vertical speed of the plane at the side. You can use that effectively. No real need for audio downlink…

Hope it helped!

Tell me if it doesn’t. I will post videos to explain what i am trying to say.

Thank You for reply blackbloy.
It was not realy helpful for me… :confused:
It is not vertical speed what I am interested in.

I have two goals.

  1. I want to hear real sound from plane while flying FPV. Ok it could be easy. Microphone and vTx capable to transmit audio. So it could not have anything with minimOSD. Right,
  2. I want to use automatic antenna tracker on the ground.
    I read, that antenna trackers needs data from OSD [esp. GPS and altitude]. Till here I understand it. But I read, that this data are pulled out from AUDIO chanel transmited from airplane. Therefore stereo audio is needed. eg. Left audio - sound from plane, Right audio - data for antenna tracker.

Maybe I am totaly wrong!!! I am beginer. I try to get informations needed for ordering right components.

Ok it could be very easy - I can buy EagleTree systém, and everything is clear and easy. But I like to stay with APM 2.5 systém. Therefore I want to buy minimOSD. I believe there must be some way to reach my two goals above.
Please any help! Maybe I can use some other OSD, or… anything…? :question:

Ok i understand what you are trying to say now.

I do not know how the EagleTree system works but i do know that APM has antennae tracking in the mission planner but I cant seem to find the page under the Arducopter page.

Maybe TCII the moderator can point out the page location.

Some basic stuff:
[ul][li]OSD = On Screen Display. It’s a device that overlays a video image with flight information. Nothing more. Some manufacturers have included basic flight controller functions into their “OSDs”, but in principal, the description OSD for those devices is incorrect.[/li]
[li]MinimOSD has nothing to do with sound, nor with antenna tracking. It doesn’t even have any connection for sound. It’s a pure OSD in the original sense of the word (see above).[/li]
[li]APM antenna tracking has nothing to do with sound. For that you need the 3DR telemetry radios which transmit the data from the plane to the tracker (either MP or ArduStation).[/li]
[li]AFAIK, the EagleTree OSD does not work together with APM.[/li][/ul]

So, what you want is:
[ul][li]APM for flight control.[/li]
[li]MinimOSD to see the data in your video feed.[/li]
[li]3DR telemetry radios to transmit the data either to a PC or to an ArduStation which then controls your antenna tracker.[/li][/ul]

Thank You guys !!
This is good and clear info for me.
I have APM 2.5, radio telemetry 433M, and minimOSD is on the way to me.

I have also Mini Maestro 6 channel USB Servo Controller from Pololu. [I read it should work with MP software.]
Do You have any recomendation for rotating holder for antenna tracker which could work well for my goal?
Or could You point me to some good forum tread about antenna tracking with APM?

Thanx a lot again and have GL in 2014 !!!


diydrones.com/profiles/blog/show … t%3A905510

It is my understanding the MinimOSD puts the OSD on the video and doesn’t use the audio channel at all.

Mavlink can be transmitted using the 3DR telemetry radios. That sends GPS and other telemetry over the 915MHz frequency to your computer or tablet. A PC interface, such as Mission Planner, can take the GPS data from telemetry and point an antenna tracker at that point. You don’t need additional data or systems on the aircraft for this to work.

I don’t have any experience hooking an antenna tracker to the PC, so you are on your own for that part.

I am not sure which video transmitters might transmit audio, as well. I’m not even sure whether mine does or not. This one at HobbyKing apparently does, and it looks to be the same one 3DR sold me.

Listening to the audio recorded on the GoPro from various flights, I can tell you it gets pretty annoying listening to the motors drone on. It would be useful to hear the battery warning, but not very much so since Mission Planner can announce when the battery is low.