FPV Video from Iris?

I ordered an Iris with 915MHz Radio and Tarot Gimbal - I want to get the video feed from my onboard GoPro camera. I understand the GoPro Wi-Fi is not recommended, but what about using the video out from the GoPro the 915MHz radio system back to my Ground station/Mission/Planner software? Is that possible?

The 3DR 915MHz radio is for telemetry only and is not a video transmitter.

Ok, so what I need a 5.8GHz transmitter kit (air + ground) and associated wiring from the GoPro to the transmitter input? What about display on ground, can the received output into my PC? Is there any way it will integrate with Ground Control SW?

I saw on 3DR’s website, there’s a video kit for $189. It looks like it replaces the 915MHz telemetry radios and then sends both the telemetry and a/v signals over the 5.8GHz transmitter, with the telemetry overlayed on top of the video… ??? That looks like what I wish I could have got vs. paying for the 915MHz kit only to not need it if I get this video kit (I could sell it I suppose?)… Is this on point or am I missing something here?

Sorry if I’m a newb… :smiley:


That does no replace the 915 radio telemetry. Its a separate FPV system that has osd. You have to purchase a monitor with that kit so you can see what your camera is videoing. You will see similar data from the osd (that the telemetry sends to your laptop or tablet) that will be overlaid on the monitor. That fpv kit cannot send video to your laptop or tablet.

There is no 5.8GHz USB receiver I can plug into my laptop to get the video feed into a Ground Control app or via some other SW? I’d rather not have to use/buy a separate LCD screen just for this…

No their is not. You have to either buy a monitor or goggles.

You can buy a USB capture device that accepts composite video (RCA connectors just like goggles/monitor) for about $20. Also you can replace the HUD in mission planner with your video that has the OSD overlay on it.

I tried doing this, thinking that it would be battery to use one laptop display for everything (forget screen visibility issues for the time being) but didnt have much luck with it… I bought this USB video capture device

amazon.com/dp/B0044XIQIW/ref … 1_ST1_dp_1

and it would overlay the HUD in mission planner just fine, but after a while It would always lock up and stop the overlay… Not sure if others are having better luck or not. Either way, I didnt think it was close to being reliable enough for FPV use.

Interesting downey - I was looking at that item and others like it as well…

What else is in your FPV setup downey? What did you select for transmitter, transmitter power, antennas, and for a receiver? I was thinking of one of those 5.8GHz 1watt transmitters - claims 12km range, although I would probably never go over a mile or two… :slight_smile:

be careful with some of these higher powered transmitters… one issue is that most of them are not very well made and radiate a lot of crappy signals. More power can also cause interference issues. I had a crash with my Iris when I mounted the video TX right next to the pixhawk. Log analysis showed that it was messing with the Mag field readings during flight. (see viewtopic.php?f=48&t=6643 for more information)

Range is really found in the antennas, not the transmitter.

i have had very good luck int he past with Immersion RC components, although this is the first time I have mounted them on a quad. Now I need to practice Quad FPV flying… its a lot different than I am used to with fixed wing flying.

here is the FPV Pod I just mounted on my Iris.


Hey All,
I’m new to this forum and recently bought an Iris+. I’ve previously been flying an Phantom with a GoPro and FatShark FPV (until I lost the whole thing in the Austrian Alps last winter!). Now I’m really excited about the possibilities of autonomous flying with the Iris. I, too would love to have the FPV video on the same display as the Mission Planner (i.e. one tablet for everything). I’m wondering if you’ve gotten any further in your quest to do the same. Downeym, I like your posts about the FPV cam pod. I’m hoping to print one soon and give it a go.
In my dream world, I would have two video feeds from the copter (one from the small FPV cam, and the other from the GoPro (so that I can frame the shot I want) and have a way to display both videos on one screen (or at least be able to switch channels).
But at this point, I would settle for a one tablet ground station that displays Mission Planner with a live video window.
Some of you have mentioned that you have pulled this off. Would you mind sharing some photos and parts list of what’s worked for you?