FPV/OSD for Iris

Just thought I’d check with 3DR to see if there is any movement toward making the FPV/OSD kit set up to work with the Iris? Sure would like to add this to my Iris, but need for the cables to work with the Pixhawk as well as any other component. I am not a very knowledgeable person when it comes to RC. THerefore, I need things to be pretty much idiot proof (plug and play). So, is there any move toward making this kit ready to work with the Iris?

Sorry not Live FPV on the Iris at this time :frowning:

I have yet to actually use it, but I had purchased the FPV/OSD kit they sell (store.3drobotics.com/products/3dr-fpv-osd-kit) and have checked that I get a video signal with the osd board plugged into the Pixhawk which was powered by USB and had nothing connected to it (no gps, no battery, etc) so I was getting the data overlay with all values reading zero. When not connected to the Pixhawk it wouldn’t send a video signal so it is obviously at least somewhat communicating with the Pixhawk.
The wireless video was very “plug and play,” I will probably be making a Y connector for power and taking the power from the gimbal. The video camera will be super glued into place on top of the Iris shell then I will drill holes and bolt it down properly and the cables will be run through a separate hole I’ll drill in. The antenna will either be next to the telemetry antenna (I would have to move the 2.4ghz receiver) or sticking out a third hole that I’d drill in the top of the Iris’ she’ll up front.

Considering what it is and being that it isn’t installed from a company, I’d say that it is very “idiot proof.” This is high quality rc stuff though…you won’t get the level of simplicity that those Walmart plug-and-play game systems have.

Check this post: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=6579#p16226

RogelioN, I appreciate you trying to help, but you took that part out of context…immediately prior to that partial quote I had said, “…had nothing connected to it (no gps, no battery, etc) so…” I had the Iris disassembled for other reasons, so I would not expect any values to be displayed.
I have the whole thing ready to go and did a “test flight” inside of my house (only a few feet up). I was getting values and if the weather holds up will be doing both a range check (not measuring, just testing) and first flight when I get home today (around 2:30).


Got it, thank you!