Founders: please make sure admins and mods are in the groups

While checking the permissions and stuff, I noticed that some mods don’t seem to be in the respective groups. E.g. TCIII was in neither admin nor mod group. I pushed him to the mod group (I don’t have the right to manage the admin group), so he can access this subforum (which is visible to admins/mods only).

I suggests, a founder-status admin reviews if every person who has administrative rights is in either the admin or the mod group. Those groups make the management of rights significantly easier and more transparent.


Sefan, The only admins were Josh & I. I made you an admin so you could set everything up correctly.
You are the most experienced admin we have at the moment. I’m 100% sure this is not optimally configured.
Feel free to work your way around the site and give us a tune up.