Formatted the EEPROM (read parameters from SDcard)

I want to make the processor take the reading of the time-of-flight parameters from the sd card when it is formatted to the EEPROM.

I do not understand your question. Can you be more precise?

  1. I meant CUAVv5 +

I am using a CUAVv5 + board … but I had a problem, which is that the parameters are formatted during the flight. It could be due to excessive voltage or some other reason. Anyway, I want to read the parameters of the trip from the sd card instead of the EEPROM when this problem occurs.

That is probably an old bug. Update to ArduCopter 4.2.3 and the problem should be gone.
No, there is no way to read the parameters from the SDCard (yet)

Thank you very much dear