Forced emergency landing


Is there a way to trigger LAND mode (by using RC or ground station) that, once triggered, cannot be interrupted by any failsafe conditions?

I’m interested in long-range FPV flights and here is my case why I’m asking that:
Suppose you flew far away and you see that your battery is not enough for the return to home. Or some other problem happened.
So you need to land on some suitable place near your copter’s current location. Ok, you have FPV and there is a free space under the copter. You just switch to LAND mode and copter descends.

But when copter goes low altitude RC signal lost and RC-failsafe engaged. The bad thing is that my RC-failsafe is configured to RTL, that interrupts the landing.
Obviously I cannot just configure RC-failsafe to LAND because I don’t want to have my copter landed far away every time RC signal lost.