For Sale Endurance Quadcopter for mapping

Built for a large area mapping job which was cancelled due to Covid. This is the third one of these I have built. Super light-weight, super stiff, ultra portable and just a great machine to fly.
The frame folds up super tiny and has an integrated damping system for the payload.

Great for mapping as intended or as a dev-platform.

With 6S 10,000mah lipo you get 45mins flight endurance. With 12,000mah Li-Ion you should see just under an hour.

Built using the best components to a high standard. Fully configured, tuned and flying. More than happy to provide tuition or demo (at a suitably social distance!) Assembled using thread-lock, cable sleeving etc to withstand commercial use.

This is configured for mapping with the RX100. You could mount any camera you want on the bottom to suit your needs. (Gopro, Sequoia, A6000 or one of the gimbal cameras)

Can set it up with a dual band RTK GPS module at cost if you need that.

• Cube Black autopilot on the airbot systems carrier board. Running latest Arudcopter.
• Here 2 GPS on CAN
• Dual Mauch power modules
• Additional power supply for radios and payload.
• T-Motor 40A Air ESCs
• T-Motor 4006 – 380kv motors
• T-Motor Folding 15” props
• Skydroid T12 controller/telemetry link with FPV camera.
(claims 20km range, I have had 10km and ran out of space)
• RFD868 telemetry modem as a backup for the T12. (10km + range)
• Gentles Sony Multi camera trigger and control module
• Custom hot-shoe feedback sensor for accurate logging (to get more accurate geotag).
• Sony RX100 camera.

Total component cost ignoring labour was £1700.

Apart from 2 hours of test flights this is brand new.

Without sony camera - £950
With Sony camera - £1,100

Includes everything to fly except the batteries and an android tablet.
Located in the UK. Happy to post.

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I have US$1,000 to cover the cost of the device, shipping, fees, etc.
I live in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. (relatively close to New York City). Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sorry the price
Without sony camera - £950 US $1,210
With Sony camera - £1,100 US $1,405

Plus shipping.

Very nice setup! I want to build something with similar payload and flight time. I’ll be using RFD900x radio modems.

Would you be willing to share some details like frame, landing gear, power supply for radios and other gear?