Follow mode based on computer vision

Hello everyone !!! I am developing a drone and I need help to make the follow mode work using computer vision and not via GPS, I am using fmuv5 on a custom plate and I would like to do this using the rpi compute module 3 ,sorry for my bad english

yes It is possible. We did it two years ago.

Can share the link?Can you share the post link?

We only shared small parts of it at the ardupilot unconference last year.
but is is simple to do using dronekit or mavros.

can i do this using rpi3 if yes, how?

The quick answer is yes.
The longer version is using some python special libraries for video and artificial intelligence to detect and identify object in the video stream. Than you need to connect your rpi to your fc and send it Mavlink commands to do your thing.
Here is a simple demo for object reconition

And here is a thread on communication between FC and rpi

thanks for the help, i will test