"Focused flying": How?

The IRIS product description at 3drobotics.com/iris/ has a section that reads:
“Focused flying
APM:Copter can fix the Tarot gimbal on a specific location, allowing IRIS to fly a mission while keeping the designated subject in view at all times.”

Can anyone provide some more information on how to use this, preferably via Droid Planner 2.0 (which is referenced a few lines higher on the same page)?


Hi kangajump,

That text is referring to region of interest feature (ROI), unfortunately there is documentation at the moment but here is a video of how it works:
youtube.com/watch?feature=p … X7dZDk8iEY

You should check the droid planner subforum to see if others already tried this mode.


Rogelio, thanks for the pointer:

I found the following comments in viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5785:
"ROI isn’t fully finished yet, so I don’t recoment using it.“
"ROI will be implemented fully in the next versions.”

That’s a bit disappointing. Let me see if I can find out how to at least use it with Mission Planner.

Maybe Joe can add a video tutorial on that here: 3drobotics.com/iris/info/#Video_tutorials