FlySky FS-i6S Transmitter with spring loaded

Hello all,

I’m new so Ardupilot and building my first hex copter with PixHawk. My transmitter is FlySky FS-i6S with self-centered throttle.

My question is, do I need some special “Radio Control Calibration” in order to work properly? I ask is because when performing Radio Control Calibration in Mission Planner, the last step, Mission Planner say make sure throttle is at the bottom. But at idle, my throttle is at the middle. Will this be misconfigured?

Also, when switch to other mode other than Altitude Hold, will the spring loaded self-centered throttle keep pushing the hex copter up non-stop?

Please advice, thank you.


The spring loaded Tx sticks are a convenience for lazy pilots that use guided modes all the time.
Meaning the throttle stick is perpetually at hover (half throttle).

If you fly any manual modes you have to remember to pull the throttle down to idle before arming and when landing and disarming.
If your throttle calibration is low, ie: hover is below mid throttle, then yes, at mid point the copter will climb.

So remember, at rest your throttle is NOT at idle, it is at half throttle, or in guided modes, at hover.

Thanks, I end up removing the spring.