Flying wing stabilization

How about adding either tlogs or data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue?

Hi Illia,
I can’t tell for sure that you are correctly configured without logs, but it is normal for one elevon to remain fairly flat. The reason is that the plane needs some up elevator in the turn or the nose will drop. Adding up elevator to elevon roll gives you one elevon moving more than the other.
Cheers, Tridge

Thank you for your replies,

and forgive me my incompetence, I’m just starting working with RC.

The logs are attached.
Briefly, I put stabilize mode and bank right,left; then pitch down,up; then bank right,left once again.
After I switched to FBWA mode and did exactly the same things.


It moves more than the other in case I pitch down and roll at the same time.
But what cause that nose drop? And why it doesn’t drop nose in common airframe (with ailerons and tail), if roll stabilization there utilizes both ailerons simultaneously?

Please, guys, maybe somebody know the answer?

In manual it’s written that elevons “move in opposite directions”, but only one does move.

I tried to mix different values of ELEVON_OUTPUT and RC1_REV, RC2_REV but I couldn’t make them to stabilize roll simultaneously.