Flying Wing FBWA auto pitch correct inverted

New to the Forum. Love your work.
Having trouble configuring a flying wing.
Inverting one elevon to get correct roll and pitch on manual control.
The pitch correction in FBWA is however now inverted. Is there a way to correct for this?
Could swap inversions of the elevon, and remap the controller, but I suspect this will invert left-right roll for the auto waypointing, and doesn’t seem right.
Feels like I’ve done something wrong.
thanks in advance.

the problem is almost certainly on the input side, most likely RC2_REVERSED parameter is wrong, it should probably be 1. So when you tested in MANUAL you were testing with reversed input on pitch.

Thanks Tridge. That is exactly the parameter that I failed to find on my own, and is most certainly the problem. I can’t test it for a couple of days, but will post result here. Thanks for you help.

I believe the wiki is correct as to the process of setting up your elevons, and it has a section explaining how to confirm that your inputs are correct.

Agreed, and I hang my head in shame for not following the instructions to the letter. I made the false assumption that I did not indeed require my RC2 inputs reversed.

Still having some issues. Can you please check that documentation “Verify RC Inputs” is incorrect when it says: " Command a roll to the right from your transmitter and confirm that the the right elevon rises and the left elevon lowers. "

Whoops. No, this is for input mode, not FBWA mode.

Did you solve the pitch being inverted?
I’m setting up an Anaconda with an A-tail and my pitch is inverted. I tried the ch79, and 80 reversal and servo2_reverse but it stays the same- pitch up, elevator up in FBWA.