Flying wing elevons setup, mixing_gain , MIXING_OFFSET parameters for different throw per axis setup


I’ve installed ChibiOS F4 FC with Plane 3.9 (stable) on a flank style flying wing, the throws I would like to setup are: elev - 14 mm , aileron - 7 mm, linkage mechanically is setup correctly, servo travel limits were dialed in. Performed auto trim and validated trims are fine…

Missing only this part, hope someone can explain how to use those two parameters to be able to setup throws correctly in my case.

I’ve tried looking in code here,
Can’t understand how it supposed to work, even if mixing_gain changed, demanding same amount from in1 or in2 always multiplied by same number hence response will be same…

@tridge - I hope it’s ok to tag you, maybe you can help with that.

Thanks, Eddi