Flying drones with LoRA

Hello everyone! I just started here, I am looking to embed a LoRA transmitter/receiver into a drone. My intention is to build a drone that is able to receive messages containing GPS coordinates from other LoRA stations and fly to those.

There are many Arduino projects (here, here and here)that do exactly what I described above, but how can I get the messages received by my Arduino into the drone on-the-fly ? What drone/hardware should I use?

I’ve wanted to try what you describe (but haven’t). Please come back and tell of any success/failures you have, if you get anywhere :slight_smile:

In terms of getting the messages to the flight controller, should be fairly straight forward. Look into the arduino mavlink library, there are various mavlink messages you could use to command position of the flight controller.

Hi. I am also very new here.

If I understand well, through the on-board LoRA you will receive waypoints that you want to push to the flight controller of the drone. What flight controller are you going to use?

I am using a Pixhawk (2.4.8 clone) and you can communicate with it via MAVLink. You could use telemetry port 1 to have a standard radio link with your ground station and telemetry port 2 to have your LoRA device talk to the Pixhawk to indicate waypoints to fly to.

I am planning to use this sollution to have an Arduino nano as a light controller with some ws2812b lights. I have already been able to request and receive data from the Pixhawk and modify the lights at will.

I do not have much time, but would be glad to help as far as I can.

I am trying to do the same. Have you figured it out yet?