Flying drone with the motors spinning out and not in

Hi all,
I’m trying to tune a drone with Pixhawk cube, the motors need to spin out and not in (motors 1 and 2 should spin CW, and motors 3 and 4 should spin CCW):

I tried to look for a setting to configure the Pixhawk that the motors are spinning the opposite way but I couldn’t find any.
When I tried to take off the drone but it was spinning (yaw) and couldn’t take off.

I did check that all the motors are spinning in the correct direction as I mentions above.

After that, I tried to set the motors to spin in (like the picture below), the drone can takeoff with no problem:


Set FRAME_TYPE to BetaflightX reversed (18). And obviously connect the motor outputs to suit or re-factor the Servo outputs and confirm with Mission Planners Motor Test.
BetaX rev


It worked, thank you!

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