Fly-zones and no-fly zones


I am just new to this ardu-community and want to set up my own copter next year.
I was thinking of the flight-restricion-zones as well.
So up to now, the pilot is responsible not to fly close to airports etc., correct?
If I plan a special feature like “no-fly-zones”, I will have to get the open-source-firmware
as sourcecode and implement the feature, compile, link and flash via Mission planner ??
The “fence” is the only way to add a flight restriction right now ?!?

Thanks ,


Hi Joe,

Yes, this feature hasn’t been implemented yet. It is certainly in our future plans but there’s no timeline.

It is possible to do a polygon fence that does the opposite: if you are flying next to a no-fly zone you can set the fence so that you are allowed to fly in nearby area but not inside the no-fly zone.

Do we implemented real “no-fly zone” feature in copter firmware now? I can see there are many no-fly zones in the map in MP. I think it is an important thing for aviation safety.


No flyzone support will come with next version

No fly zone is a headache in some countries like Argentine because hobbists fly in rc clubs and many of them are in aeroclubs terrain where Dji products doesnt work; perhaps sounds crazy and usafe but the rc clubes has their oun restricted areas and never an accident, obious aerial traffic isnt as big as developed countries, figure that, perhaps an optative option looks the solution.

I should have explain a bit more.
You will be able to load no flyzone inside ArduPilot but you will be in charge of doing on contrary of DJI that impose its own based on location.
Another advantage from noflyzone we made is that it will allow you to load multiple with multiple size. For example, you will be able to put a big building on your path as no flyzone. And ArduPilot will always avoid it !


That sounds nice, in some Rc clubs everyone envy ardupilot :slight_smile: here.

So this feature has merge to master, right? If so, I can make some test for it.