FLY BY WIRE_B (FBWB) - Can't ask for Altitude change

Hi there,

today I tested my APM in the Arduplane Configuration on my AXN FloaterJet. Everything works really really nice but there is one thing that is a bit scary:

In FBWB i can not ask for a change in altitude at all by moving the Elevator-Stick. I can give full up or full down command but it will change exactly nothing. The plane keeps running at the same altitude that it had when entering FBWB Mode.

Somebody an idea what might be wrong here? The instructions clearly state the I should be able to move the target-altitude by the sticks.

Beste regards

P.S: Concerning all other points… BRILLIANT Work… that thing flies like a charm! =)

Hi Careyer,
You should probably have a look at the FBWB description in the docs if you haven’t already.
In particular, FBWB doesn’t control altitude in the same way as FBWB, and the default is for quite slow altitude changes on elevator. The default is just 2 meters/second, which can seem very slow in some aircraft!
If you have raised FBWB_CLIMB_RATE then please post a tlog and I’ll see if I can work out what is going wrong.
Cheers, Tridge