Fluid shortage - Spray Drone

Does anyone could give a direction of how to:
1- Spray Drone to detect no liquid on tank and go home? ( I have the sensor)
2- To save the point where tank is empty, go home and then go back to the “Brake point” and keep doing the mission?

should be possible with scripting, or just battery failsafes, You can add the sensor as a fuel battery monitor. Once it is empty you can use scripting to trigger RTL, you will have to set the param to allow the mission to continue rather than starting from the beginning after a arm/disarm.


FYI the liquid fuel battery backends aren’t in a stable release yet, but are in the 4.0 rc’s

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of course you can, i did it a year ago in a complete easy way…
you only need to manage the mode channel input in function of some sensors
just put an arduino to modificate the input signals…

  • you ned to comment just 3 lines of code of ardupilot software

of course you could do it all from the main flight controller board
but it has some advantages to do this “modification” outside the main system