Flow of command while switching from guided to loiter

I am preparing for a test where I will use a companion computer to send position targets to the drone frequently.

During my initial tests, I need to make sure I can recover control over the copter in loiter mode if anything about the copter makes me think the test is failing. I just want to make sure I understand the flow of control in this situation.

  1. I turn on the copter
  2. I connect my remote which will have ch5 high set to loiter
  3. I set ch5 to high
  4. I connect my companion computer which will send a change mode to guided request through mavlink.
  5. At this point, is the copter in guided? Even though ch5 is still set to loiter?
  6. I want to switch back to loiter, so what can I do with ch5 on my remote to set it to loiter?

Do I need to switch ch5 from low to high again? Causing the copter to be in the low-set flight mode momentarily? What if I had both ch5 high and low set to loiter? Like in the Arducopter code, is the flight mode changed simply when the RC input transitions from one range to the next?

Thanks to anyone who can help clarify! Just trying to cover my bases in case my code has bugs (and I can assure you that it has bugs).