Flipping on Takeoff

Hello everyone, I’m new at this and just finished building 450mm Pi/Navio2 UAV. I have been unable to launch it successfully, as it tips to its forward starboard corner and flips. This is in the stabilize mode. I have upgraded to ARDUCOPTER 4.0.3. Power train: 3S 3000 mAh battery, emax 2213 935kV motors with 1045 props, and Hobbypower 30A ESCs. Things I have checked during the troubleshooting:

  1. ESC control wiring / NAVIO2 connections - #1 Fwd Stbd, #2 Aft Port, #3 Fwd Port, #4 Aft Stbd
  2. Motor rotation direction and prop orientation. #1 and #2 are CCW, #3 and #4 are CW, and pitched in the correct direction
  3. I have changed the micro usb card to a 32 GB U3 SanDisk. (with a fresh image)
  4. I have recalibrated the ESCs by plugging them into #3 on the Rx powering up with full throttle…etc.
  5. I’ve been through the setup several times and have also reloaded default parameters.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

2020-06-29 15-18-37.bin (120 KB)

Does it perform correctly, order and direction, with Mission planners Motor Test? Make sure you read the note and follow the link so it’s clear which motors are running when you press the A-D buttons.


Thanks Dave, I had completed that step as couple times but in the spirit of taking nothing for granted, I tested them again. They do energize in the correct sequence and rotate in the correct direction. However, this time I noticed the Fwd Stbd motor starting very sluggishly and with a different sound. This is also the corner dipping on takeoff. I’m off to troubleshoot the motor/ESC.

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UPDATE: I connected the suspect ESC to another motor and the problem followed. I have a faulty ESC. Thanks Dave!

If those are the large ESC’s with yellow shrink tube that sell for ~$6 each then 1 bad in 4 I don’t think is too out of line. :wink:

They are exactly those ESCs, I just just ordered a new set of Readytosky ESCs. I’m learning as I go…

which side its flipping ? right/left or front/behind ? did you changed PIDs ?

@dkemxr Would you believe that two ESCs of the new set of four were also faulty? After isolating them as the faulty component, I put two of the original, known good ESCs, in their place and I was up and flying.The two new ones that were bad would not spin the motors in motor test at 5%, so I set it to 7% and they would turn but at a much slower rate than the other two. I even re-soldered them to make sure I didn’t have a cold solder joint. Anyway, all that to ask if you have a go-to ESC, these cheap ones are just that…

I don’t know where you are Barry but these are a great value IMO.

I have Spedix ESC’s in a few multirotors also. They are available from many sources. In any case buy a branded BLHeli_32 ESC. If you are building a big multirotor, 12S, etc, it’s a different story but for what you are building these are good choices.

@dkemxr Thank you for the recommendation, I’ll be ordering those and swapping out the ones I currently have installed. btw, I am in Tampa, and haven’t found a good store yet but haven’t spent too much time looking. Have a good weekend.

Hi Barry-Yea, the tendency seems to be to order from China to save a $ when there are plenty of domestic sources, for us in the US anyway, with good or same product at a reasonable price.

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