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FlightDeck alternative for passtrough telemetry

(Oldgazer) #28

And just how much would it cost to add all of the discrete FrSky sensors (if they exist) to get equivelant telemetry, not to mention the time spent writing the necesssry the LUA code for equivelant flight data displays?

Do you really believe that just because ArduCopter and it’s variants are free for the taking, everything that connectes to a device running the firmware or that uses or has access to data generated by the firmware should be free for the taking as well?

(Tim Jones) #29

I think you are wrong, I bought the cable and the software was included.
good luck on your crusade but these guys make a good product at a reasonable price.
unless you are prepared to develop something at a better price point you are not likely to prevent people from supporting these guys

(lucamax) #30

FlightDeck cost 19,99 $ it is not free

(lucamax) #31

Explain why Airborne Service sells a telemetry cable , with equivalent telemetry but their software and all updates are free Do you think they do not spent time to write the software ?

(Oldgazer) #32

It’s THEIR CHOICE. Its obvious you don’t like C&T because they charge for software they wrote to support hardware they made. Big deal. So does Microsoft, Apple, and a thousand other companies. Get over it already.

(Dave_Smith) #33

Unless I’m wrong, I think that anyone can submit a wiki page. It just takes the time and effort to write it. I think if someone wrote up pages for the other programs/scripts, they’d get a page.

IMO, supporters should get a gold star or something for supporting the project.

(James Pattison) #34

This is exactly what I’m getting at re consistency: yes, wiki contributions are open to all and very much encouraged, but there is a fine line between general information and taking over a page as advertising.
In my view the frsky telemetry pages have become too much of the latter.
I could easily rewrite it (in fact I have, just haven’t merged those changes) but it needs to be a community decision and as yet there aren’t any proper guidelines. The balance between supporting the ArduPilot Partners and not turning the wiki into a rolling advertisement is difficult!

It’s good to see the debate happening though, as it will help shape the approach moving forward.

(Craig Elder) #35

Please refer to our wiki editing guide

Contributions are very much appreciated.

Thank you

(OldGazer) #36

Why not just list the available telemetry solutions, add a link to their individual web sites/landing pages and let the chips fall where they may?

(Craig Elder) #37

I want to point out this new addition to the wiki and merged by James / Auturgy today

This is another case where we have vendor specific documentation in the wiki and it is fantastic to see a) it being written and b) included in our wiki.

The more vendors and the more users that we have contributing to the wiki the better. And when a vendor increases their sales because they contribute to the wiki and to the project that is also fantastic. We encourage inconsistency because by definition contributing to the wiki gives a fair advantage to a company over one who does no contribute.

Thank you James and Thomas and smullo for your many contributions to the wiki.

(James Pattison) #38

Yes: it’s clearly identified as a vendor specific page though, not a general setup page. I think the distinction is important. The Skyrocket pages are another example, where they are vendor specific and separate from the general setup pages. The frustration with the frsky telemetry page being discussed in this thread is that it confuses the two. Ideally I’d like to see partners/vendors like hex, mRo, C&T, drotek, cuav, emlid, etc be supported through the wiki that way, as it’s better for the user base to have everything in one place, but have the general setup pages be vendor agnostic.

(davidbitton) #39

@tomlauzon where/how in Lua does one get access to the passthrough data? I find nothing in the OpenTX 2.2 Lua spec. Thanks.

(Florent Martel) #40

Hi David,

Here it is:

(davidbitton) #41

How do you debug? I understand the Lua sim in Companion won’t allow me to
send these sort of data packets. Is that correct?

(Florent Martel) #42

You’re right. The simulator is not setup for this. I debug on the RC transmitter using drawtext/drawnumber.

(Fnoop) #43

@james_pattison Did you actually do a rewrite and still have it anywhere? This has been brought up again recently elsewhere, and I was going to look at submitting a PR to rebalance the wiki page a bit.

The Craft and Theory stuff is absolutely fantastic. It’s very professional, very well supported, updated and maintained, does a better job than anything else available, very reasonable price, and most importantly provides a turnkey, out of the box solution for those ardupilot users who just want to get on and do stuff rather than get frustrated soldering, hacking code etc. It’s a perfect model for an ardupilot partner that I wished many others would follow (real lack of similar hardware/frame solutions).

However, it is a commercial solution and their wiki updates basically present it as the one and only option and has somewhat wiped out any mention of opensource alternatives which are real and work very well, and for such an opensource project that’s something that could easily be improved with a wiki update.

To reiterate, this is nothing against Craft and Theory who present a great product, and the documentation they’ve provided in the wiki is superb, it’s just a little biased at the expense of opensource alternatives.

(James Pattison) #44

I’m traveling without my laptop, so it’ll be at least two weeks until I can look for whatever isn’t in GitHub (not sure how much I pushed to the remote) but yes. Minor pr is here:
Larger one has a max232 how-to, and receiver hack to not need an inverter, but I don’t think I’ve pushed it.
There’s also one or two rejected PR’s from memory.



(lucamax) #45

In fact there is someone working on a open source alternative with some remarkable results:

It would be nice if someone could help him.

Here is the script:

(Dave) #46

I gave it a try, very interesting. What would be useful is if the data was available to be used on a simple OpenTx telemetry screen as text. The graphic screen is OK but just values suit me most of the time.

(Samuel Tabor) #47

I haven’t tested this but it looks like it might expose the passthrough values as regular OpenTx telemetry values.