Flight time help

Hello. I have a 700 quad. The FC is the HKPilot32. The software is Mission Planner. I’m using low profile disc style 400kv brushless motors with 13x5 props. The battery is a 6s 30c 10000mah lipo. The ESCs are Hobbywing X Rotor 50a. My failsafe cutoff voltage 19.8v / 3.3v per cell. My flight time from take off to RTL failsafe is approximately 7 minutes. That seems very, & almost, extremely low for that setup. I am looking for any advice, tips, theories or suggestions on how to greatly increase the flight time with the same size lipo. I have a set of 15x7 props on order. Will that help? Could it be one or more settings in mission planner. Could the lipo be of such low quality that it discharges extremely fast? Also, if it means anything, when flying, the yaw seems quick & responsive but the pitch & roll both are slow. Thanks in advance to all who reply…

What motors exactly and what is the all-up-weight (w/ battery)?

The motors are Gartt ML 5008 400kv. The weight I’m not exactly sure. But guessing or comparing it to the feel of an 8 pound dumbbell I would say around 5 lbs give or take… SL500_AC_SS350

Something is not right. Either it weighs a lot more than that, which you really need to determine, or something else is wrong. Just the motors and battery could be close to 2kg, the frame looks rather heavy and you have a gimbal and camera hanging on it. What frame is that and which battery?

Post a flight log that includes RCOUT.

Ok. I’m going to see about getting a scale today to weigh it. As soon as I do & once I retrieve the flight log info I’ll be in touch. It should be some time today. But in the meantime…it just hit me…the gimbal is a HAKRC Storm32 3 axis…running on 12v via the PDB. could that be causing the speedy discharge? I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. I’ll get a full charge on the 6s lipo, disconnect the gimbal and see how much it improves…

How it is even staying in the air when you are hitting that low battery voltage failsafe?

You must have battery with high internal resistance

That will make little to no significant difference in overall consumption.

Hello Dave. Forgive me for being illiterate. How do I retrieve the flight
log info? I’m connected to Mission Planner via the telemetry modules. I
went through Telemetry Logs & Data Flash Logs & I didn’t see RCout or
anything that made any sense to me. I’m in Log Downloader. I’m trying to
download some files but it timed out.

It returns & lands. I initially had the cutoff set higher but after experiencing low flight times I lowered it. What cutoff voltage would you recommend?

You can’t use the telemetry radios to download logs. USB and then the dataflash logs tab under the HUD.

Oh ok. Let me do that…

Read this 1st.

If you can’t at all (from Ardupilot) then I’ve probably broken it.

If you can’t practically - that’s business as usual.

IOW it should work just extremely slow? I do use the ESP8266 radio to download logs on a couple PixRacer craft. It’s slow too but it works.

This is what I got from the dataflash log RCOUT

This is the lipo battery that I use. I have not yet gotten the total weight.

Ah, no. Just post the log file (.bin). You will need to link to a site where its uploaded (dropbox, etc) as it will be too large to attache directly.

Ok. It’ll be Google drive…

Here’s the link to the flight log. I know you said the .bin file but I included the .log as well


Your battery seems a bit swollen/puffed. Its a sign of lot of use or if new its discharged too low. 3.5V/cell would be some what safe cutoff that gives you typically 95% of potential energy but keeps your battery fresh longer.