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Flight time calculation error!

(Eric Gamble) #1

Hey guys, I am returning to Mission Planner but have an issue I cant figure out. The acreage shows correctly, but this is no where near a 47 mile map mission. It shows and 11 hour flight time. I have flown this using other planners and know for a fact this should only take about 14 minutes. What is going on here? Grid flight is set to go 7 MPH. Is there a setting somewhere I can change?

(Andras Schaffer) #2

Your home position is somewhere 47 miles distance and flight distance and time calculated from Home.
Set home before start survey planning.

(Eric Gamble) #3

Okay, may I ask another question, I figured out how to move the home point and that was the trick. where are the settings for home point altitude?

(Andras Schaffer) #4

Home point altitude is set from the google elevation map, usually other waypoints are relative to that, unless you set it for absolute or terrain.