Flight not creating a .tlog file


I am running AC 4.0.4 dev and using a Herelink running QGC. After flying and downloading the flight log I cannot find a .tlog file. Thoughts?

Where did you search for the tlog?

I have a similar issue - the tlog file was written to a subfolder GENERIC/42 (not QUAD/1 as usual). When I replay it, I can hear the messages but there are no useful attitude/position etc. data. In the status tab, als values show 0.

I am not sure if this is an issue with ArduCopter or Mission Planner or Herelink. May be that Herelink converts the system ID of the Mavlink messages when they are passed forward to MP through the UDPCl connection? Display in HUD, in status tab and on map is ok during flight but after replaying the tlog, I have this issue.