Flight logs to be used in my Thesis

Hi to all!
I’m finishing my Doctor’s Thesis. I need some Ardupilot logs of successful flights in order to check my dynamic model for the copter energy consumption.
The problem is that everybody posts logs only when facing a problem.
So, if you have some good log files like: “binary logs”, “kmz files”, “DF files” or “gpx files”, I would appreciate if you could contact me through my personal email
Thanks in avance!
João L marins

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Did you consider using SITL too ?
I think we would be interested in the result and you manuscript in return ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi! thanks for your prompt response!
Sorry, but what is “SITL”?
Let’s explain what I do. I get the file and change it into a Matlab (extension .mat).
I have a Matlab program that reads and plots variables from GPS, IMU and CURR. Those from CURR are essential because I’m dealing with energy consumption. I need volatge and current.
I have a model of the energy consumption and I can check my model against the energy from CURR.


The energy comsumption model is really simple on simulation, but at least you could validate your model !

Interesting, maybe we could incorporate such a model into the code, I have done some work on predicting energy use for plane with a Kalman filter. I was not having a huge amount of success so I have been looking at other stuff for a bit. I never got as far as looking at copter.

I would be interested to read your Thesis, maybe you could provide some background on the approach your using?

Hi! Here is my paper! If you have some files I mentioned, please send me.A Closed-form Energy Model for Multi-Rotors Based on the Dynamic of the Movement 8 pag.pdf (957.7 KB)

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