Flight log review please

Hi Guys my first post here I wonder if somebody could look at my flight log
Its a new quad I just made I was in loiter mode hovering about 1 meter on my front lawn with battery monitoring turned off I just wanted to test the hover time with a 4s battery.
At the 12 min mark it turned to the right then pitched at about 45 degrees into the lawn .
No damage but I need to find out why.
I have reviewed the log and except for some rather high Z vibes I’m at a loss as to what caused it.

Here is a link to my log

Looks like motor three failed. Do to the vibrations the motors were working hard. Also your battery level was below 12v so your battery was going dead as well.


Wow thanks for that I have been looking at my logs after every flight trying to familiarize myself with them
I’m no stranger to software I have developed many apps . I am very new to Quads and mission planner however.
Could I be a pain and arsk you show me a snippet from the log that show that motor 3 failed thanks.
Cheers .

First you want to use the Mechanical Failure pull down to get a look at the data. Then click on the graph where you what to see the data. Clear the graph now and select RCOUT for motor 1, 2, 3, and 4. You can then draw a square around the end where the crash is and see the following graph.


Thanks very much for that it helps a lot
Thanks for your time