Flight log help needed


I’m don’t understand what’s going on with this flight log - I wasn’t there for the actual flight and my friend doesn’t remember what happened. It looks like the desired roll/pitch doesn’t follow the actual roll/pitch - would this be a mechanical failure? There don’t seem to be any issues with the vibration levels or power. Also, it looks like there were a bunch of failsafe fence errors with an ECode ‘0’ meaning that they were resolved?

I’m fairly new at this. Could someone give me a hand here?

2019-03-26 10-45-15.zip (935.0 KB)

Was this craft even flying? I don’t think much of anything can be learned from that log.

Why do you say that? And I converted the log file to a .kmz file to view on Google Earth and it appear to show altitude changes. In the log itself, there are event messages that show it was armed, took off, and landed multiple times?

I have to concur with @dkemxr
There is so little flight information in this log as to be pretty useless.
Why is the log dated from March?
The height changed by only 3m.
There was one short hop that shows RCout all over the place as if the copter was being held, or just being ‘jumped’ off the ground.

Further on in the log there is one other attempt at flight with only 2 motors responding

From the RCin it can be seen that the first ‘flight’ was throttle only input in Stabilise, then a lot of stick twiddling while it was on the ground, followed by a burst to throttle with roll and pitch being whacked in at full deflection.

I am not surprised the Desired/Actual diverged.

Without a decent amount of time of flight to see the craft responding there is not much else I can tell you about the flight other than what you see is from user input.
Did these people know how to control the copter?

This helps a bunch - I haven’t looked through the logs before so I’m a little lost. Is there a program you’d suggest I use to look at the logs? These don’t look like the MP graphs.

Also how do you know that there were only 2 motors responding - is it just that there were only peaks for 2 of the channels (RC out?).

Thank you for your help.

I wouldn’t call that flight “take off and landed” . Looks more like bouncing off the ground. Nothing can be learned from this. Make an actual flight and post that log for some real analysis.