Flight controller for Raptor 30 and/or Trex 550

Hello All,

I have Raptor 30 (nitro) and Trex 550 helicopters, this christmas will have 2wks off work so i though its about time to update them to something new GEN :slight_smile:
Any recommendation for a flight controller? I would possible like to build a drone etc later too, so compatibility with both would be great .

Thanks in advance.

I really like the form factor of the CUAV Pixhack V3. I have it installed and flying in a 1000 sized petrol helicopter. It’s still a work in progress but I’m very happy with it so far.

Thanks for response! read many good things about them too but they come from china so it will take some time to arrive :frowning: didnt find any in UK. Where did you get yours from?

Got mine within a week to the United States from Foxtech website.

Good day,
you can look also for pixracer r15 or the x2.1 made by mro robotics.

The CUAV Pixhack V3 has an internally damped IMU and is easily the best FC for it’s size. It’s smaller than a ‘regular’ pixhawk.
The mRo X2.1 has no redundancy in terms of power, so if your power module goes, then you lose it.

I used a Pixhawk 1 for a few years on a 550. Worked great. Flew the copter fine, controlled on board cameras. mRo sells it now as the 2.4.6 I think.

I could get 2.4.6 in few days here in uk, though i heard mixed feedback about them, so maybe its worth trying :slight_smile: they very cheap
pixracer and x2.1 both come from outside the uk too, wont get them on time.

What about CUAV V5? a bit on expensive side but maybe more future prove? if not V3 sound most reasonable.

thanks all!

I was referring to the one mRo sells. It comes with all the goodies. Be carefull of clones.

im using mro flight controllers on all the drones I’ve built without any issues.
its normal that if power module goes you can loose it, this can happen with everything.
im no trusting in the clones… with mro you can have a very good support.

No, most other FC’s can also be powered via the servo rail.

correct that you can supply it on servo rail but as I’ve tested you cannot know if the power of the battery can give the time for the rtl

As I understand servo rail will fail over as power as long as rail is 5.7 volts or less. It happened to me once with my 550 heli. I didn’t realize it until I landed. IIRC it gave me a different tone on disarming or something like that that made me aware of a problem.