Flashing PX4IO.elf and .bin in Pixhawk?


I have been looking and haven’t found it yet, I am looking for info on flashing my pixhawk with the .PX4 files and the PX4IO.ELF and PX4IO.BIN files?

Is it done the same as the PX4FMU and IO boards? and are both PX4IO files needed?

Please if someone knows where some info is for doing this please point the way.

thanks for any help,


If you are compiling the ardupilot code then the IO code will automatically be built and stored in ROM FS. it will automatically loaded to the IO Board at power up


thanks, I dont know how to compile the code for the px4/pixhawk yet so I was just going to try some of the new beta (alpha??) code from this page.


but I also see this for the px4io


and was wondering if it needed to be loaded. I see there is 2 files for the px4io now I remember there used to be only one I would put on the sd card then hold the arming button when powering to load it on the px4.

so if I understand correctly, I would just need to download a file, for example “ArduCopter-v2.px4” from here

and load using MP “load custom firmware” button to load to a quad using pixhawk?

thanks for the help.



Ok, I found the answer, right under my nose (either that or it has just been updated in the wiki) i see it is that after 3.1.0 that both files load from one. I see on the px4 you still have to hold the button while powering but do not have to load the file on the SD chip first.

I am not exactly sure, but it looks like on the pixhawk it is not necessary to hold the arm button while powering at any point?