Flashing mission planner to NAVIO2

I am working on building an autonomous drone application where I will control the drone through my web application and not a remote control. Therefore, I want to flash mission planner on the my navio 2 without the UART port or radio telemetry connection.

when I launch my app, it tells me there’s no heart beat, because there’s no radio telemetry. is there any documentation on how I can complete this task, I want to control the drone through my python app and not through a RC.

any help would be greatly appreciated…

Thank you

There are a lot of misconceptions here:

  1. Missionplanner is a groundcontrol software for Microsoft Windows (and Linux with a few limitations)

  2. You can not flash anything to the Navio2. It is an IMU HAT for a Raspberry Pi.

  3. How should your app (running on a PC, I assume) connect to your RPi/Navio2? You will need to provide some kind of connection. If you do not want to use radio telemetry, Wifi is the only option already available (RPi 3 or newer).