Flashing F405 boards - The easy way

Hi guys,

just to let you know a simple way to flash F405 based boards with APM fw:

you can use the Firmare utility integrated in the Betaflight/Cleanflight/Inav configurators

Choose “Load local firmware” and flash!!!

Easy as 123!!!

just my 2 cents


And if you flash the hex with _bl in the name, you can incrementally flash from Mission Planner from there on out.


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Hi All,
I have done this successfully per the message on iNav, but can’t connect to the board.

I have a F405 Wing and no devices connected, Just trying to get started and connecting via the USB cable.

I used iNav to load the firmware with BL. The Blue LED flashed but can’t connect.

Any ideas of what I should do?

Thanks for any help!