Flaps/spoilers together w elevons - why not?

Hi devs and all,

I am pondering how to make the best use of the Pixhawk with a X-8 flying wing that has been modified to have flaps/spoiler Surfaces between the elevons and Aircraft body. Admitted, the actual behaviour / usability of the flaps/spoilers yet remains to be evaluated… but I want to experiment.

(And look here, the FX-79 Buffalo flying wing comes with inner control surfaces pre-made… )

So I would like to set it up with elevons (New style elevon mixing EEPROM setup (ELEVON_OUTPUT option)) on the outer surfaces and flaps (/auto flaps/ spoilers/ flaperons / spoilerons) on the inner surfaces.

But Reading the current parameter documentation it appears like flaps (spoilers… etc…) cannot be used when the aircraft has elevons? Is this correct? Then why??
While I do understand it might be a problem to use the spoileron simultanously with elevons since they currently use the same MIXING_GAIN parameter, I still fail to see why ordinary flaps / spoilers (not flaperon / spoileron) could not be used.

param - FLAP_IN_CHANNEL: “…You must also enable a FLAPERON_OUTPUT flaperon mixer setting.”
relevant parameter descriptions here :

I have noticed that the flaperon/spoileron seems to be work in progress, so maybe Tridge has got some comments about this? :wink:

/ Tom

To be able tu turn autoflaps on while in manual, stab, etc, would really be fun! :slight_smile:

Also a great feature!
Like i follow my friends a lot, and my plane is a bit faster.


Can u send configuration file, and screen shoot from turnigy configuration mixer 5, i have the same hardware and i want test ur setup.