Flap servo travel - 90 degrees possible?

Newbie here trying to set ArduPilot up to let my Apprentice S15e do some loitering. There’s an Omnibus F4 Pro with an Orange RX 617XL installed now instead of the old receiver and I’ve been able to set up most things. One thing that I can’t get figured out, though, is how to feed a flap servo from a channel connected to a 2-position switch on the radio? I’ve tried playing with those SERVOx_MIN and _MAX times, but nothing came of it, the servo only moves 45 degrees. Can somebody point me to the relevant documentation for this?

An rc servo signal range is nominally 1000-2000 uSec where 1500 is the centre position. To get maximum travel set up so that flap up switch = -100% (1000 or 2000uSec depending upon reversing) and flap down is +100% (1000 or 2000uSec) that will make the servo travel to its normal full range (there are still trims +&- on top of that the actual max range is 900 to 2100uSec including trim adjustment) then if you still need more travel on the surface move the puchrod to a closer hole on the surface horn and /or a further hole on the servo arm.

Scott, thanks, the numbers helped!