'First Time' checks for a 'first flight' for a novice?

I now have my Iris sat in its box waiting for the props to be put on and batteries to be charged.

While waiting for my Iris to arrive in the post, I read a few articles on the DIY Drones forum and Iris Groups telling people to check out things on their drones before their maiden flight. However I can’t remember what those discussions were and what to check out.

Could somebody please tell me what I must check and inspect before I power up my drone and take to the skys?


Hi the1lemming,

Here you can find the Iris manual so it can tell you what to check for the first flight:
3drobotics.com/wp-content/upload … ual-v6.pdf

More Iris info here:

You should always check every screw and connection prior to each flight. Keep it tight, it will fly right!

I read so much over the last few weeks, and somewhere which I can’t remember suggested that some screws may or may not be too short and need replacing.

What should I look out for before my first flight?


Make sure your MOTOR MOUNT screws are tight (under the motors, 2 each motor). Use locktite. You may be getting longer screws from 3DR if you’re on the list, else you already got the longer screws.

Also your PROPS when you put them on tighten them. Then the next day check to see if they’re still tight. Check every flight thereafter is the suggestion.

I did my first flight yesterday, with mixed success. I should say, I’m coming from ARDrone flying, so used to automatic take off and landing…
I watched the videos and read the manual and decided to give Alt Hold a try.
Rotors spun up and after a few bounces I increased power to the middle, but the drone shot into the sky.
It was relatively OK in direction, but I struggled to get it down again, so it ended up damaging the antenna after tipping over on a solid landing.

I then tried Stabilise, but as it tipped over on the ground, that is obviously not my skill level yet :wink:
It even managed to unscrew one prop and lost the nut… What size nuts are they, as I’m down to one spare ?

I was expecting a bit more gradual takeoff, so is Loiter a better mode to choose?

At least the GoPro video is much better, but probably a good thing I didn’t attach the gimbal yet :slight_smile:

No please don’t attach the gimbal until you can fly figure eights at very least. Fly from grass and get the airframe at least two meters up and out of ground effect, only fly in stabilize to start with forget the GPS modes.

I’m not sure what’s up with the recommendations to takeoff/land in alt hold or loiter. I would most definitely take off in stabilize mode. It will take some getting used to as stabilize is very “manual” but you will have far more control.