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First Phantom FX 61 VTOL

(Stanley Anak Suab) #41

Helo guys,

Hugues, seriously? racer motor can do the lifting? Im planning to use Sunnysky 3508-700KV on my FX61 VTOL. But I think the motors are heavy. Pls comment. Thank you

(Hugues) #42

Yes. Take a look at the F80 T-Motor thrust measurements :

(Muhammad Umar) #43

Are those motors appropriate for high endurance because 1400kv motors usually consume a lot of power?

(David) #44

I spec’d out the F80 motors for a VTOL plane weighing 3kg. I couldn’t get the endurance I wanted. After a bunch of ecalc iterations, I choose to use 4 t-Motor antigravity 4006, KV380 motors.

With a 8,000mAh battery, ecalc estimates more than an hour in plane at max efficiency. Obviously, that doesn’t include the power required to take off and transition to plane and back to copter for landing. But I am estimating i’ll get at least 30 mins in plane with a nice reserve, which will allow me to map several hundred acres per flight

This is all theoretical as I haven’t completed my build. I got side tracked repairing a crashed drone.

(Forrest) #45

Really nice blog Cala. Well done!