First fly with AP

Jyst flown my first build with AP
It is Reptile S800, 4s2p liion , omnibus f4pro

It was my best launch ever. Just short mission, autolaunch and backward throw.


After short auto turning it was possible to do nice coordinated turns.

I like this build. It is cruising at about 3… 3.5 amps.


The maiden flight was in Auto mode because S800 is very vulnerable in the moment of throw.
Fortunately autolaunch and mission flight was esay as never before :slight_smile:

There’s a goggles video of fligh. Sorry for disgusting dvr quality

Just tryed fully autonomous flight because of 0% visibility weather…
Auto takeoff, mission flight and landing. Working as expected. No problems at all

Reptile S800 with 4s2p liion takes 60 mah/km

can you share your PIDs?
thanks in advance,

I’d used standard pids and autotune then.
Should say following instructions autotune works great. Just take your time and do everything from manual.