First flight with Loiter and ALT_Hold HELP!

Hi Rob,

Can you review my log file, any advise would be greatly appreicated.

Hovering at 10m or so, switched into Loiter, The heli performed a 100 amp climb (says the ESC) and the tail could not hold it at first. I need a faster tail servo, my fault. I recovered by switching back to stabalize, and it recovered beautifully. landed and cleaned my shorts out.

Lifted the heli into a 10m hover again an switched to Alt_hold, This went much better, but the Heli was loosing altitude very slowly, I increased the collective stick slowly and it did not respond for a few seconds, at least it felt like it. when it did, it performed a smooth rapid climb. A proper response, just way too much lag and too much power when it did respond. does not feel connected to the collective stick like my Quad. I had the collective close to max pitch before it responed, so I think it did what I told it, just the lag and the response is too much.

Both Loiter and Alt hold had a nice slow, smooth collective response on the ground. If you can make any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I am still running 10Hz. Attached Extended tuning and a few log graphs.

Bobby, I think we’re going to have to set up a time to do a Skype call or something. You have a number of issues, and I can’t keep track of what is what. At this point, it would be best to help get you sorted out working “live”. I am nervous that you’re attempting to use these modes when they are obviously not working for you.

Rob that would be fantastic.

The main item is I can’t get the throttle/collective control loop to function.

I attached my contact info

change extention to .xls