First Flight Throttle Test


I cannot get my copter to respond when I increase the throttle. This is my first time controlling a drone so I do not know where the problem could lie.

I am using a pixhawk and everything seems to be going well. I can arm and the motors start to spin but the second I increase the throttle motor sudden turn off. Could someone pin point me in the right direction on how to control this drone manually.

Thank you

Follow the wiki

Don’t forget to check the ESC calibration section, motor ordering, motor correct rotation, and propellers orientation.

I have the motor correct. Propellers aren’t attached until I can get the drone to work with the RC correctly. I am having an issue properly calibrating the ESC. I am getting constant red/blue/green flashing on the Pixhawk.

To add,
I did not realize there wis a different calibration guide here verses mission planner. It look as it may have work but do have a few question. As this is for a research project and me not having any experience in flying one there is an issue. The company that I am working with does not allow me to use a battery with out proper authorization. Sounds a bit chaotic but they are very strict with anything related to energy. With that I am using a power supply to mimic the (14.7V, 4S, 6600mah) battery into the drone until I get authorization.
Does this really make much of a difference in properly configuring the ESC?

Using the PSU I can get the ESC to react to my transmitter a bit more than I used to but it cannot reach max potential and its definitely not enough to lift the drone.