First Build Need Help Please

Hello, I have just finished building a 450 and having a small problem. I am using the Arducopter 2.6 as my controller and a poll mounted GPS with Compass, both plugged into the Arducopter.

I set my flight modes as Stabilized, loiter, auto, and RTL

It powers up and I get good satellite count so I power on the motors in Stabilized mode and take off. It fly’s very well but if I switch to Loiter it wants to drift off and I worry it will go out of control. I recalibrated the compass in Mission Planner and have done the firmware update. And still it will not hold position once I switch to Loiter.

Any help would be very much appreciated as I am excited to at least be able to fly it and would like to get it all figured out if possible.

I did not know exactly which forum to look for help, so if I am in the wrong area let me know

Thank you

Grandpa Jake

Try double checking flight modes have saved properly, if one of the modes is near the threashold rate of another mode it might have saved incorrrectly,and you are in alt hold. It might be worth doing compass-mot offset again ,also keep compass as far away from cables as possible.

I will check again, but I think I have it set correctly? I was wondering if maybe I have my gps-compass setup wrong, or I am using one that is not compatable with this controller. I am going to show you a photo of what I have and maybe you will be able to tell.

Thanks for your help

Hi, unfortunately, we can’t help much here as your hardware is not 3DR and we have no experience with it. At a guess, I wonder if your GPS/Mag is “clocked” properly. I imagine it’s not, but I don’t really know. You should look for help from your supplier or on a forum with people who have a similar setup.