First Auto Mission with Auto Landing

Hi Rob,

All going well.

First auto mission this morining before work, it went perfectly. Fired it up, took of in stabalize, and climbed to 10M or so, clicked into Loiter for a few seconds, all was good then switched into auto. It performed everything very smooth, I was actually expecting somthing to go wrong. There was some disbelief, when it held for 10s as programmed and started it’s decent for the auto landing. The auto landing was perfect, at .5M/s the decent profile is perfect. I switched off the “idle up” swith about 1 foot off of the ground to shut off the motor and let it settle. it touched down perfectly.

Wow, I think I am done. It held altitude in a light wind to plus or minus 1 meter. I think that is all that can be expected if I am not mistaken.

On my roll vs DesRoll graph, I notice there is a verticle offset between the two graphs. Is this a steady state PID error and do I need more “I” term, or somthing else.

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Any comments on the performance would be greatly appreicated.

So is Alt Hold working for you now?

Yeah, that roll-offset is probably a side effect of the Leaky-I, in combination with a swash plate that isn’t quite level. I haven’t actually tried it yet, but I suspect if you use the servo trim to tilt the swash over a bit, it might go away.

Alt Hold is working perfectly.

Calm winds later in the day today and it looked like the Heli was bolted to the sky. The vibration level was causing havoc on all of the modes except for stabilize.

I wonder if the auto trim would center the two plot lines. I trimed pitch and roll by using the HS1_TRIM and HS2_TRIM parameters and HUD is square with the frame. I move the HS2 parameter (pitch) twice as much as the HS1(roll) and the pitch plot lines overlay. It might go back to what you said earlier when I performed the auto trim and the HUD was tilted. Right skid low in hover to compensate for tail rotor thrust and I am seeing this Heli tilt in the plot.

If it will not cause any problems, I think I like the idea of the HUD square with the heli frame.

Hi Booby,

Congratulations ! I am trying to succeed what you have done now :slight_smile: But I have problems. Heli is flying well in stab mode. But in alt_hold it didnt act right. First 5 seconds it looks good but then tail starts to turn unexpextedly. So I am not well to determine the problem and which exact value causes that problem.

Do you have a suggestion for a source to learn the critical settings on alt_hold or auto fly. Beforehands I supposed flying is stab mode was enough to try auto bout it seems main problems have already started :frowning: