First Ardupilot drone - tilting forward on take off/crash


I use version 4.0.7. It’s my first ardupilot drone. On take off it tilts forward and crashes.

  1. What could be wrong?

Below are several logs I assume where from those flight attempts . I’m not 100% sure because for some reasons I got no timestamps along with those files - all date back to 1 Jan 1980.



  1. Is there a way to tell ardupilot to use date/time it obtains from GPS to use for timestamps on log creation?

Thank you in advance!

It will use the GPS timestamp, if it gets GPS reception.

Did you tested it in an open space with clear sky view and with no interference?
Did you test the motor order in mission planner?

GPS got good signal. It was in open space with clear sky.

I use QGroundControl… does it also have same test? I’ll take a look on it…

Try reversing the Elevator channel in the radio and recalibrating the radio in qGC.

Did you calibrate the ESC’s? It’s very important! Is the accelerometer properly calibrated? Do you turn on the quad on flat level surface?

Motor order was wrong. Corrected. Will test soon again. Thank you!

It’s flying! - Thank you very much to all of you!!!

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